The world's greatest language teacher is at your side.

“There's no such thing as a bad student; just a bad teacher.” – Michel Thomas

Michel Thomas

French with Michel Thomas

Speak French for Beginners

10CD language pack. 10 hours. AUD $179.95

Speak French for Beginners - Michel ThomasYou will hear Michel Thomas as he guides two students - complete beginners - through his unique language method. You will be the “third student”, benefiting from what truly seems like the personal attention of Michel Thomas. You will be given an incredible grounding in French, building on the French vocabulary you didn't realise you already have from your knowledge of English. You will gain a practical, functional knowledge of French, because you'll genuinely be able to construct and generate your own sentences.

This pack includes 2 review CDs that will enable you to practise what you have learned.

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Speak French Advanced

5CD language pack. 5 hours. AUD $149.95

Speak French Advanced - Michel Thomas You will rejoin Michel Thomas with two students who have completed the equivalent of the first 8-hour (with 2-hour review) course. Again, you will be the “third student”, and will find that further learning is just as easy as the first course. You will be able to (a) communicate in a wide variety of situations, (b) form complicated and sophisticated sentences, and (c) use A-Level equivalent phrases and structures and have a natural grasp of the language and entire verb system.

This pack includes a review CD that will enable you to practise what you have learned.

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Speak French Language Booster

2CD language pack. 2 hours. AUD $59.95

Speak French Language Booster - Michel Thomas Now, having completed the Beginner's and/or Advanced course, further improve your French with the Language Booster. You will hear Michel Thomas's voice speaking as though in a one-on-one session with you, focusing on increasing your word power and improving your pronunciation. An accompanying booklet lists the crucial words, phrases and sentences so that you can improve your spelling, reading and writing in French. Your knowledge of structures and vocabulary in French will be strongly increased.

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It is a basic principle of the Michel Thomas™ method that the responsibility for the student's learning lies with the teacher. With Michel Thomas as your teacher, your learning will be based on understanding – and what you understand, you do not forget!


The complete Michel Thomas language learning series – available through Continental Bookshop

Celebrities who have learned with the Michel Thomas™ method: Princess Grace of Monaco, Barbra Streisand, Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, Bob Dylan, Emma Thompson, and many more.

“The most extraordinary learning experience of my life.” — Emma Thompson, in The Guardian
“You learn a language effortlessly. It’s amazing.” — Woody Allen in USA Today
“Michel Thomas is a precious find indeed” — Guardian

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